Beth’s Farm

Summer Farm Market, Fall Corn Maze Near Camden
What: Beth’s is an actual farm and farm market. They grow their own strawberries, as well as a hundred different varieties of vegetables and fruits. You can buy at their farm stand. They also sell delicious baked goods, like cider donuts and strawberry shortcake.
Season and Hours: Open May to December 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Seven days.
Located: 1986 Western Road, Warren Maine
Telephone: 207.273.3695

In Fall Beth’s features a complex corn maze. Its a great place to go to enjoy the fall colors. Its a great stop for kids, and the food is wonderful. Their is a 20 foot tall pyramid made from 1,000 bales of straw overlooking an enormous and very challenging corn maze. The maze has checkpoints within and visitors check off their tickets when they’ve found each one.
A highlight is Beth’s strawberry shortcake. They harvest strawberries for 120 days from a plant that continues to fruit. This summer farm market and fall corn maze near Camden is a great afternoon diversion.

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