Acadia and Bar Harbor for Spring or Easter Break, We Did That…. Once

A nice trip depending on the weather. We went to Acadia one year, and booked a room at a hotel in Bar Harbor. It was a nice hotel, kind of large, and was dog friendly. It was not right downtown, but on the way into town.

Here’s the thing to know about Acadia and Bar Harbor for Spring or Easter Break – it will be crowded in ways you didn’t expect. Granted the year we went the weather was very nice. This year it should be nice as well. What we didn’t expect was that many seasonal residents also take the opportunity to get away to Downeast Maine. What does that mean for you and trip planning?


barharborDining Out Acadia and Bar Harbor for Spring or Easter Break

Make all of your arrangements for dining out well in advance. Make dinner reservations or plan on cooking and preparing food yourself. Our children were starving and we literally could not be seated anywhere. We went to everyplace downtown, we drove to outlying areas and towns and small remote restaurants – and noplace could seat us. Finally, a hostess at McKay’s Public House seeing the kids, took pity on us. The food and service were great despite the fact that they were slamming busy. There are many great sites that cover restaurants in Bar Harbor, and I’m sure you have your favorite restaurant resource to check. But whatever you’re planning make reservations!
Acadia National Park Spring Break
What about the park? It was great. Even though the volume of people overran the candy shop making Easter baskets, and every eatery in town, the park was relatively calm. We did the beehive trail (I did that trail with the two of the kids, while my wife took the dog and our youngest up the walking trail). The beehive is not for the feint of heart. I don’t think I would have done it with such young children if I knew this. However, off season is the time to do beehive. Why? Because its a narrow and steep trail and I would not want to be crowded in. If you have no fear of heights or being close to the edge the trail is great. I would be careful in damp weather as the metal steps and rungs get slick in misty weather.

Tips for Spring Trip to Acadia or Bar Harbor

Spring Break in Acadia is also a great time to check out places you might want to revisit in the Summer. Check out a town you might want to stay in, or the summer rental you were thinking about; where you might moor or dock your boat.  Check out tripadvisor reviews and hotels in Bar Harbor

So the main things for us…

The Hotel – the deposit is probably not refundable – so make sure you’re plans are solid. Make plans early and search around for a good rate. We were limited because we were traveling with our dog. But there are good deals right in the town itself.
Dining Out – make reservations! I can’t stress this enough.
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