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01. Strategic

To navigate the changing lodging market – you need a strategic plan. We use different channels and influencers to get you noticed.

02. Professional

Kristen has over a decade of experience in the lodging business and a true respect for the art of hospitality.

03. Small Business Fanatic

We stay up to date on all things about Airbnb, Bed and breakfast, STR, Inns and little hotels.

What We Do Best

Booking Strategies & OTA Management

Direct and Online Travel Agents, Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb. Optimize your presence and do monthly audits. Don’t leave money on the table.

Picking your Property Management System

Determine what works best with your property and room numbers

SEO & Website Creation

Want to optimize your current site or build a new one, we have you covered.


What are your goals?

Set up New Property

Let us help you create your day to day schedule and create your business. Corporate identity and filing help. Licenses and Legal.


Social Media and markering, Facebook – Google, Instagram Ads and Marketing


Lodging Advisor/ Bed and Breakfast Coach /Airbnb Coach

Bed and Breakfast CoachI am Kristen Bifulco, experienced lodging owner, manager and Bed and Breakfast Coach, Airbnb Coach. SuiteRev was developed to help small lodging owners discover revenue in their rental spaces (Suites). I specialize in combining direct and online marketing to generate maximum revenue. From pre-planning to re-branding, I direct you on a path that will yield the desired revenue.

I am not a real estate agent.  My end goal is to improve your business. My job as a Bed and Breakfast coach, Airbnb Coach and Business Advisor is to help you see the revenue potential of a property and how to get that revenue out.

In 2008, 2 things happened to change the lodging industry, the market crashed and Airbnb was formed. I owned a bed and breakfast during 2008 and saw the drastic hit my revenue took. Extreme times call for extreme measures. These two components of the economy made me look at the business with a very astute eye. I had a mortgage and 3 kids to provide for. I needed to find the money, and I did. The lodging business has changed so much and everyone has a hand in your pocket. If you know how to navigate the Online Travel Agent environment and implement social media tactics, you will succeed – even in challenging times.

I have found that Airbnb goals and Bed and Breakfast goals are similar. Both give you an opportunity to live in a beautiful destination place, escape the rat race and create revenue. The marketing and online strategies that I use help make the small lodging dream a reality.

Each State has their unique issues with hosting and Innkeeping. Understanding your local and State laws are important. My strategies are universal and can be used everywhere, but the added component of local laws is essential.  I am located on the Coast of Maine and understand the business climate of this unique place. Sell Rooms Online

Suiterev can be hired for freelance work on projects such as social media marketing,  Online Travel Agent Management, set up of new lodging. Let us help with setting up your listenings on the hundreds of Online travel agents out there. If you don’t have your rooms on a portfolio of OTA’s – you are leaving money on the table.

Bed and Breakfast Coach, Airbnb Coach

A Bed and Breakfast Coach, Airbnb Coach can get you headed in the right direction. Set up a consult Today. We can assist with Social media Marketing, Property Management, Emergency Innkeeping, Revenue Management, Online Travel Agent Management.


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