I usually start each season with a post. Last year I was concerned about Trip Advisor, this year I’m not. This year I am concerned that I will not be able to go out on my kayak enough. I met a friend here and she recently reminded me that I came to Camden Maine, bought this Bed and Breakfast to live a certain lifestyle. She reminded me that Camden is absolutely beautiful in summer and I better start enjoying it. I still am concerned about the service at Windward House, but this year am more confident about it. I am almost able to predict what “terrible” things will happen and, in my head, created a game plan on how to solve those issues. Camden Maine truly is a beautiful place to stay for a couple of days. Jesse and I have made a commitment to organic and local foods, so don’t even think about what you eat in our Inn, it is good and good for you (well, maybe not the French Toast with Orange Rum bananas, but they certainly are good!!!).

Lots of new things here in Camden for me to enjoy this year. There is a new scooter rental place, a bamboo bike shop, lots of walking tours, some new stores and restuarants  in the downtown.  We have a great Boat to Table Package. The captain of the lobster boat has promised to take me out on a special tour of the harbor! Tomorrow I am going with the kids to an organic farm to pick strawberries.  So far summer 2012 is great!


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