Nestled between the Camden Hills and Lake Megunticook, a unique country setting and even worth it just for the drive to and from the Windward House Bed and Breakfast in Camden Maine.  To assist in your tour planning check out this Maine wine and beer tour map

The proprietor of this hundred plus year old farm Bettina Doulton since 2007 has undertaken major restoration and renovation of the property including the circa 1790 barn and also added a winery just across the road. The vinyard prides itself upon having an expert educated winemaker who uses the craft and modern science to make small batches of wine “by hand”.

Cellardoor Winery sources grapes from highly rated vinyards across the country as well as local wild blueberries for their wines. Cellar door offers a selection of varietals while they await the maturity of their locally planted vines for the production of an estate wine in the future. Meanwhile the party goes on – Cellar door hosts many fantastic events throughout the year in and around the area some for profit others to benefit charity, but all worth attending. Keep a watch on our Camden Maine event calendar for their upcoming events.

With wines that range from “crisp and dry to velvety and robust to deligacelty sweet, Pinot Gris to Chenin Blanc, Barbera to Syrah” they also have their own blueberry wine- a dessert wine infused with maple syrup – (Maine maple syrup is known locally as “Maine gold”)

Cellardoor has a tasting room in Lincolnville as well as something they have called their “Villa” a perversely “restored” formerly greek revival house on the corner of Route 90 and Route 1 in Rockport Maine.

Cellardoor’s goal is “to create the very best wines they can, and to offer a winery experience that is rich and memorable. Their message is “Live your life, Be who you are. Drink good wine along the way.”

Cellardoor Winery is just a ten minute drive from the Camden Windward House B&B in Camden. Located between some of the gentles sloping mountatins of the Camden Hills, the drive is very scenic, and with the lake and trees, and the harvest festival, it is a perfect New England Fall foliage destination.

Cellardoor Winery is located in Lincolnville Maine at
367 Youngtown Rd
Lincolnville, ME 04849
Cellardoor vineyard and winery with its tasting room’s telephone number is 207-763-4478
Open May-Oct: 10-5

Cellardoor Vineyard ranks among the pioneers of grape
growing and winemaking in Maine. Our 68 acre property
features a restored 18th century barn with breathtaking
views of Maine’s Oldest Vineyard and the surrounding hills.
We produce outstanding grape wines, handcrafted in our
cellar in the Old World style. Enjoy a day of free wine tasting,
cellar tours, hiking trails, garden and blueberry barren strolls,
unique festivals and special events.

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