Camden Maine is a New England Epicenter for Culinary tourism. Culinary tourism is defined as experiential travel, including local, domestic, and international tours, whereby one learns about and/or consumes food and drink reflecting a region’s cuisine and/or culture.  The food and drink of the coast of Maine are superb and should be experienced by all. I have children and recently we went to NY for the traditional Italian family Christmas Eve fish dinner. My 10 year old son commented that the lobster in NY was not as good as the lobster in Maine. Most people at the party agreed. It was then that I realized the asset I have in my Maine neighborhood. The wonderful bounty of the sea: Frutta di Mar. The flavors of the coast are like no other.  Potatoes, vodka, fiddleheads,blueberries, lobster, fish are all worth trying when in Camden Maine.

I hestitate to share this wonderful website I recently came upon (don’t want everyone to know my great find). For those that want truely Maine Made products, should check out These nuns can make some awesome cookies and jams. They also make a great lasagna, but you can’t buy that online.

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