Social and Traditional Marketing for Innkeepers and Hosts

Don't Just Engage in Social Media, Convert Friends to Guests

01. Digital Marketing and Social Media

Suiterev has a Digital Sales Certification from GOOGLE.  If social media is not working for you, you are doing it wrong. Facebook to engage, Instagram to spark Wanderlust and Twitter to meet the influencers. SuiteRev has a strategy including creative and ad platforms to make you succeed on Social Media.

02. SEO and Website Design

Your website is your most important sales tool. A well-designed website, integrated with a proper Property Management System is a Must for a lodging property to succeed. Let us optimize, create or design your web presence.

03. Databases and Email Marketing

One of the best ways to increase bookings is to go to those that have already been at your property. Proper contact management is essential for a profitable business. PARTNER OF CONSTANT CONTACT. SIGN UP TODAY

What We Do

Digital Marketing for when you want to be more than social on social media. Put Heads in Beds with the art of commercializing social media.

Digital Marketing for Innkeepers and Hosts

To understand our social media services, you must first understand the umbrella that social media sits under. Social Media is just one component of Digital marketing.  We are often asked how one would use social media to put heads in beds. I believe Innkeepers are confused by social media because they do not understand that social media is just one part of the equation when marketing a property. Social Media is the eye candy, the fun part for innkeepers to be friends with guests and create a place for dialogue and engagement. To put a commercial component into the social network changes the original intention and seems odd to the viewers of the platform. The commercialization of social media is an art and there are subtle ways to use marketing tactics to sell rooms on social media. When social media is used in collaboration with other digital marketing components, you can put heads in beds.  Digital marketing is intentional marketing using the internet. Digital marketing includes: Search engine optimization, pay per clicks, social media, content marketing, email marketing. To just use one component or another can be fruitless.

Social Media, Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing consists of Social Media

SuiteRev creates marketing and digital marketing plans for Innkeepers and Hosts. We will guide you in selling the right room on the right channel at the right time. Our plans combine all marketing channels, online and direct – traditional and new. We will start from the point of finding out what your revenue goal is. We can create a WordPress website for from scratch or optimize a site that you already have. When we create a site it is designed to capture more direct bookings, while allowing for Online Travel Agencies to also sell your room inventory. Your marketing plan should have a strategy for direct and GDS bookings. Airbnb hosts have the option of solely having a listing on the Airbnb website, but they can choose to host their own destination website that they can market to existing guests. An Innkeeper might not be optimizing a site they already have. If you are not continually updating your site, you could lose your ranking in google and on the many OTA’s. Marketing for Innkeepers and Hosts are similar in that you are marketing lodging options.

  • A complete review of your current marketing Direct and Online
  • Review of all channels
  • SEO review
  • Social Media Review

After Review:

Suggestions will be made for :

  • direct marketing
  • online marketing
  • channel management
  • promotions
  • branding
  • tourism networking
  • packages and pos
  • Social media and blog content

This guidance from SuiteRev is a plan for your review. Execution of the plan will be discussed. There will be components that you can do yourself and components you can hire SuiteRev to execute.

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Ala Cart Services:

Email Marketing. Partner with Constant Contact.

Twitter Influencer Marketing – call to discuss if this is right for you

Freelance Assistant for Facebook – Call for pricing.

Website creation and design – Call for pricing

The OTA’s Expedia,, TripAdvisor and others on GDS. – Marketing on these channels, either we can create campaigns for you or help you understand the campaigns offered from the channels. – Call for pricing

Examples of short videos for social media use

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