An email to future guests of Camden Maine.

Dear Guests of Camden Maine,

There are a lot of great options for dinner in Camden. If you are visiting during the summer, you will need reservations for some of them. If you are coming to Camden in the Winter, please call ahead to see if the restaurants are open. Camden is not like Bar Harbor, where the sidewalks are rolled up and nothing is open, but we do have limited open good restaurants in the downtown during winter. There are nearby towns with some dining choices. Here are my suggestions:

New Restaurant in 2017: HoxBill. HoxBill is an interesting new addition to the waterfront and the downtown. HoxBill opened after a major renovation of what used to be loved Atlantica restaurant. The restaurant is pricey but elegant. It is a special occasion place with fun, creative seafood. The locals are hoping the prices come down in the winter, as most restaurants adjust.

Long Grain – A wonderful new website for this restairant: , also an NYTimes write up:  here is a write up about them:

You will need a reservation for Long Grain. The restaurant is very small and a local favorite.  I tell guests of Camden if they cannot get a reservation they can order take out and go back to their Airbnb or Inn. – Long Grain Restaurant is in the downtown of Camden near the Opera House. The Chef of this restaurant was nominated for the 2015 James Beard Award. Long Grain announced in the summer of 2015 that they will be moving to the old Zaddick’s building on Washington Street (As of winter 2017, they have not moved yet. Building is still being renovated). This will allow them to have more seats and have an Asian style market. We at Windward House are looking forward to this expansion of Long Grain.Here is the text of their facebook post regarding the move:Zaddicks

We really excited to share with you “future home” of “Long Grain”.
The building was former home of beloved Zaddik’s pizza and Fromvianduex. It is only one block from our current location.
Long Grain is not expanding just relocating with maybe a few more tables (adding to our current 27 seat capacity).
The real new addition will be “Asian Market” as part of the restaurant (homemade-Long Grain goodies, selected Asian products and what not).
However the building needs love and to be taken care off big time. Potentially we should be there next season (2016)(NOT!)(not yet as of Dec 2017)
Until then we are still here at the same place as we began our 1st day in 2010.
Love to you all and much appreciated for your love and support

Drouthy Bear – New Scottish pub in downtown Camden Maine. Newly opened in summer of 2015. Very limited seating and very popular.Highly recommend this fun local hangout. This pub is open year round and has great Aldermere Farm hamburgers. A large selection of Scotch makes the winters go by easier.

The Rhumb Line –  It is located on the far side of the harbor. It is not located in the downtown, but in the boatyard. The old Wayfarer marine, which is now Lyman Morse boatyard, has opened up to boat people and the town folks. I like this place because the view is unique. The view is of the beautiful downtown of Camden Maine. You can see the sun setting in the west as you enjoy a cocktail at a formal table or a picnic table. Pricing is moderate. This new restaurant is a nice easy walk from High Street. NOT OPEN IN WINTER

PRIMO: For super extra special occasions, we recommend Primo in Owls Head Maine. The chef at Primo just won the James Beard award for best chef in the North East. You will have to drive to Primo. Sometimes our guests take a cab back and forth so they can have a drink with dinner. You will need a reservation. If you do not have a reservation, you can try to get a seat in the bar upstairs. The bar area has a different menu than the restaurant, both menus are great. Primo is a true farm to table experience. Primo reopens for the season early May 2018. Closes January 8th, 2018 until May 2018. Taking reservations for New Years Eve Dinner.

Natalie’s Restaurant went bankrupt in 2018. – No longer an option. 

Waterfront Restaurant is a very casual restaurant in downtown Camden. It is a large restaurant and you do not need a reservation (reservations can only be made for parties of 6 or more). They have a nice bar and a wonderful deck. If you are lucky you can sit on the deck and look for harbor seals. When I go, I only order from the bar menu – it is lovely – local burgers and mussels, oysters, lobster. Walking distance from the Inn.

Fresh Restaurant – Fresh Restaurant just changed hands in management, but still has the same Chef, in fact, the chef is the owner. I prefer chef-owned restaurants. There seems to be more attention to detail with that kind of set up. The menu is eclectic and has a few options that can accommodate, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free. . HAS BEEN KNOWN TO CLOSED FOR JANUARY AND FEBRUARY.

I could go on and on for a while, but these are just a few. If you heard of a place and want an opinion, please let me know. If you were thinking about Lobster Pounds let me know (that is a completely different list). LOBSTER POUNDS ARE ONLY OPEN IN THE SUMMER!

Other restaurants in Camden Maine

40 Paper 


HorseFeather Grill

Lunch Favorite: Camden Deli

FYI: One of the traditional Camden Me Restaurants has closed: Cappy’s has changed hands to the Maine Chain Restaurant. The new Sea Dog Me Restaurant will open in early June. Sea Dog

Coming up the coast and stopping in Portland Maine and have a Vegan Diet:


Kind Regards, 🙂




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