Top Five Maine Lobster Adventures

Top Five Maine Lobster Adventures

Camden Maine has lots of lobsters – from our lobster crate races to our lobster boats. Here are the Top Five Maine Lobster Adventures in Camden Maine.

  1. Buy direct from local lobstermenRockport Lobster is a great resource. The local family opens their Rockport home up to the public to come in and order lobsters to go. The can also ship the lobsters for you. Another great resource for fresh lobsters is Graffam Lobsters. You can eat at their shack or bring them home to enjoy,
  2. Go out on a local lobster boat and learn about the industry- Camden Harbor Cruises is a fun way to get out on the water. Take a trip on a real lobster boat with a touch tank and pull lobsters from the pot. The tours are very family friendly. Captain Jack in Rockland is also a favorite lobster boat. Captain Jack will either cook the pulled lobsters right at the dock for you or send them home with you. Your choice!
  3. Enroll in a lobster crate race.- Every festival in the Midcoast has a lobster crate race. Adults and children compete. You run across a path made of lobster crates that are floating the ocean. The winner is the one that is the one that has crossed the most crates and has not fallen in the water. You have to run quickly in the allotted time and focus your center of gravity. It is very fun to watch. The Camden WIndJammer Festival always has a lobster crate race.

    4. Go to a Lobster Pound. -The true lobster pounds are those that are on the coast (with great views) and great, fresh lobster. The service is minimal and you usually eat the lobster on paper plates. Some places even put rocks on the table to be used to break open the lobsters. You should try Millers Lobster company in Spruce Head Maine.

    5. Walk out on the Breakwater Lighthouse Getty.- The harbor near the lighthouse is a real working harbor. You can often see the lobster boats zipping around pulling their traps. Sometimes the lobstermen stop and show their lobsters to the tourists.

You will be surprised how much fun and happiness these crustaceans bring to the region. Immerse you and your family in Maine tradition of lobstering and see what it means to be a MidCoast Maine local. I hope you enjoyed the Top Five Maine Lobster Adventures.




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