Helpful tips and answers from a seasoned host


The lodging business can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

If you approach lodging as a business and create systems your anxieties will cease. Hosting guests and the art of hospitality are old traditions. There are techniques and systems that make hosting easy. This Blog area is meant to empower new and seasoned hosts. There are many ways to increase revenue and create opportunities. In addition to helpful tips and systems, SuiteRev can work with you personally to create a plan and strategy that will make you flourish in the competitive lodging market.


Wine, Revenue Strategy, Airbnb, Bed and Breakfast

In my recent BDN Blog post, I pointed out that there are misconceptions about the use of alcohol and wine in selling room nights. Unfortunately, many new Airbnb and bed and breakfast owners are not aware that they should not be so casual when offering wine...

Blockchain technology in the Lodging Industry

Blockchain Technology, the technology behind cryptocurrency, is being tested in many different industries. The use of blockchain technology in the travel industry is exciting. The travel industry has been stunted by a lack of innovation and suffocating because of high...

Facebook New Algorithm and Direct Bookings

Facebook as Part of your direct marketing strategy 2018 The Facebook Algorithm, direct bookings, revenue management and freelance assistant - what lodging need to know The Cambridge Analytics Scandal may have caused you to lose Facebook followers, but...

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