Tart, but Not Over-sweet this Made In Maine Cocktail Recipe Cherry Gin & Tonic Perfect for Late July

Although our last posted cocktail recipe is certainly delicious, you might not always be in the mood for something so sweet. On the sweetness scale it is close to the peak. However, if you like something with some sweetness, but don’t want to drink high fructose corn sweetener, you have to go out of your way to find a good tonic. We did some research and found a great solution – Q tonic. It’s pricey, but if you’re going to drink gin, you should drink in moderation and drink the best. I love colors and scents with my drinks. The effervescing tonic carrying within it the hint of lime, cherry and cranberry is stimulating.
So, with cherries appearing in the super markets around the country, and also here in Maine I have finally been able to make one of my favorite summer cocktails – a cherry cranberry gin and tonic. Since tonic water has enough sugar in it, this drink does not add any other sugared juices. Rather the tartness of the cranberry is the essence of it in the gin. In this case we use a local gin – Sweetgrass Winery Cranberry Gin gives the tonic a pink color. Just before you serve the drink, pit and squeeze two or three ripe red cherries into it, and let them drop to the bottom. Add a lime twist and you have a very refreshing, but not overly sweet drink. The tang of cranberry, and the hint of sweetness from the bright red streaks of cherry juice are delicious – especially on a hot day.
Sweet Grass Winery Cranberry Gin
Q-Tonic tonic water sweetened with organic agave
Red Cherries
Fresh Lime
… and that’s it!

If you’re visiting Camden Maine this summer, you can enjoy this cocktail in the garden of the Windward House B&B – kind and comfortable lodging in Camden Maine!

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