Kick Back in Camden with a Nice Maine Collins

This summer try a made in Maine cocktail recipe Maine Collins. If you’ve opened up your summer place or come for a couple of weeks at your favorite lake, MyCamdenMaine is a great source for food and drink ideas to make the most of your time in Maine.

The classic Tom Collins cocktail was already given a twist in the American Collins, which saw the addition of blueberries and cherries to the gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup base beverage. When in Maine, though, do as the downeasters do (or will after reading this article). Make your next beverage a Pine Tree State original with the newly-minted Maine Collins.

The Maine Ingredients Make All the Difference

We set out to make a drink that was all Maine, and the many food and beverage producers of Maine didn’t disappoint. Everything in this drink was dug up right here in the state, and we

highly recommend you do the same. There are some tastes that just can’t be duplicated, and Maine has more of those than it’s fair share.

Made in Maine Cocktail Recipe Maine Collins

  • 1 ½ ounces Sweetgrass Cranberry Gin. This tart yet smooth libation was made at the Sweetgrass Winery & Distillery using local cranberries and local labor, and the tart fruity
    Made in Maine Cocktail Recipe Maine Collins in a mason jar

    Adirondack Chair and a Made in Maine Cocktail Maine Collins – what could be better!

    flavor makes it ripe for mixing.

  • 1/4 ounce Hilltop Boilers Pure Maine Maple Syrup. Sweet, flavorful, and with the welcome taste of the wintry Maine forest, the maple syrup will help cut the acidity of the cranberries and make for a decadently enjoyable drink. Dilute with a ¼ ounce of lukewarm water before mixing.
  • 12 fresh Maine blueberries. You can buy them fresh (or even frozen) from a well-known brand like Wyman’s, or pluck them from the side of the road, but make sure you’ve got a handful of real Maine blueberries before you begin making this beverage. One of our favorites is Continuous Harmony Blueberry Farm.
  • 1 bottle Atlantic Brewing Co.’s Old Soaker Blueberry Soda. A touch more sweetness and a lot more fizz from this locally-brewed blueberry treat will top off your Maine Collins.

Simple Steps to Mix Your Maine Collins

Once you’ve gather your Maine-made ingredients, mixing a Maine Collins could hardly be easier. In a collins glass, muddle the blueberries in the diluted maple syrup. Add your cranberry gin and ice, then mix briefly before topping off with blueberry soda. Add a fresh blueberry sprig to garnish if you’re feeling really fancy.


If you enjoyed the Made in Maine Cocktail Recipe Maine Collins look for more great recipe ideas on this blog!


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