Did you know that Camden Maine was a fantastic place from which to tour Monhegan Island?

Another Great Full Day Excursion from Camden Windward House 6am-6pm or 9am-6pm.

If you take the 10:30 am boat you can enjoy breakfast at the Windward House

The 7am boat for a long day or the 10:30 am boat for enough time to have a picnic on the cliffs, see the island and the art studios, and get back in time for dinner on the mainland! Here’s a great tip – if you were planning on a picnic, buy your supplies on the island. It won’t cost much more than on the mainland, and there’s less carrying and packing. It’s your vacation right?

Schedule your trip in advance, make reservations aboard the world famous, historic mailboat Laura B., and tell the Innkeeper if you’d like breakfast extra early, or just coffee and buns to go. Leave Camden no later than 6:15 am for the 7am boat. Buy the Monhegan Island Associations trailmap on the boat or at the Island Store upon arrival in Monhegan. Hike, view art in the galleries, relax at Swim Beach, eat a very early dinner or late lunch and return upon the 4:30pm ferry, or if you’ve had a regular lunch time, eat dinner in Port Clyde at the Harpoon, the East Wind Inn or the Dip Net. Or better yet – drive back to Camden, park at the Camden Maine hotel, and walk downtown for a nice relaxing dinner at a great harbor-side chef-owned restaurant in Camden. If you plan on dining at Atlantica, make sure you have a reservation first.

Note – the ferry schedule is different on Weekdays and Sundays, and remember the island you are visiting the island home of a small community, read the Beware! below before deciding whether or not to take this Day Trip.

Monhegan Island located in the Gulf of Maine about 10 miles from the coast, it is about 1.75 miles (2.8 kilometers) long and .75 of a mile (1.2 kilometers) wide it is known as a refuge for artists and the livelihood of a small number of resident fisherman and lobsterman.


Why visit Monhegan?

Although off the beaten path (it is only accessible by boat or airplane) Monhegan Island is an example of the “simple and friendly way of life” of a Maine island. Maine has over 4000 coastal islands, and many are inhabited, and living there is considered a privilege, an art form, and a relic of the past all in one. While many of the islands boast wealthy and famous summer residents and estates, Monhegan is primarily artists and fisherman and its population hovers around 63 people. In 1954 Ted Edison founded Monhegan Associates to preserve its natural areas and its way of life.

Trails & Hiking

With 17 miles of trails, and a great trail map for purchase on at the Island Shop, or on the boatride over, Monhegan is wonderful coastal Maine hiking. Buying the map helps fund preservation efforts so don’t feel about about the one time use – plus it’s a great souvenir! Beware – The Island Association’s visit Monhegan literature discourages children, pets, bikes, litter, trespassing, and some trails and camping is forbidden. There are no public garbage cans so plan to carry in carry out. Also, unlike the mainland, trucks have the right of way – so you’d better be careful on roads and there’s no smoking outside the village.

Artists and Galleries- some galleries with a sample of the many artists who use Monhegan for inspiration…

Monhegan inspires artists, and there are a significant number of studios where you may view their art:

Getting There Port Clyde 25 minutes from the Camden Windward House B&B.

Monhegan Boat Lines out of Port Clyde Maine – the historic mailboat Laura B. and the Elizabeth Ann

Monhegan Boat Lines has regular scheduled departures for Monhegan Island and their schedule of boats going to Monhegan and back to the mainland may be viewed online at monheganboat.com, also, new for 2011, Monhegan offers reservations online, as well as added by popular demand their increased number of Puffin/Nature Cruises.

Monhegan Boat Lines does different tours, so if you’re interested in driving down the St. George’s penninsula, and seeing Port Clyde, and you don’t necessarily wish to visit Monhegan, you may enjoy a 2.5 hour offered 7 day a week Puffin Cruise, a 2 hour offered Wed-Sat scenic nature Sunset Cruise, or a Wed- Fri 2.5 hour lighthouse cruise. Make sure to check their schedule for availability! or call them at 207-372-8848.

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