Maine Lighthouse

How many Maine lighthouses can you see in a day? There are 4 great and uniquely different lighthouses all within 25 miles of eachother and from the Downtown Camden Maine.
Start your day with a comfort food breakfast, all you can eat. Then after breakfast go out on a sail on Schooner Olad or Schooner Surprise, right out of Camden Harbor to see Lighthouse #1: Curtis Island Lighthouse. If you prefer not to go sailing and want to stay on land, there is only 1 place in Camden that allows the pubilc to enter and see the lighthouse. The only public spot is Lighthouse lookout. Lighthouse Look out is on Bayview Street, look for the small sign near Beacon Street. Then come back on land and drive north to lighthouse #2, Breakwater lighthouse – wonderful walk out on a granit jetty where you can see  lots of lobster men pulling their traps, lunch time – stop at the Owls Head General Store for the “Best Hamburger in Maine”. The make your way to lighthouse #3 Owls Head lighthouse – enjoy the viewand walk around the park. Last but not least – head down to Port Clyde to see Lighthouse #4 – The Port Clyde Lighthouse. Enjoy a lobster dinner at Millers Lobster Pound, then head back to wonderful lodging and sleep comfortably. What a great day!!



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