The Maine Lobster festival is an event that the whole community looks forward to all year long. In the dead of winter, the merits of the festival are seen and discussed. The Lobster Festival organization donates thousands of dollars to the community all year long. It is always inevitable that  the Town of Rockland, at some point in the winter will reflect on the festival and decide how much they want to the organization to pay in fees and taxes. The value of the economic engine of the Lobster festival is also always debated in the dead of winter.  The one thing the all the residents agree upon is that the town of Rockland would not be the same without the Festival.

The nine big red and white circus tents and children’s mechanical rides make for a carnival atmosphere.  The live entertainment and street buskers are still upstaged by the true star of the show – the LOBSTERS. People line up to up to have a fresh Maine lobster dinner under the tents. The fair price of the dinner and the sweet taste of the soft shell lobsters are the signature event of the festival.

Since there is limited lodging in Rockland, the next logical place to stay is Camden Maine.  Many attendees choose to stay in Camden because the night life at the Festival can be rowdy and crowded.  Camden Maine is a laid back, beautiful waterfront village that is a great retreat after spending the day noshing on lobsters. The Camden Windward House is a great location downtown Camden. The Windward House even has a Lobster Boat to Table package.

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