Maine Personal Growth Travel Destination Maine Media Workshops formerly called Maine Photographic Workshops

They have become famous for their immersive intense workshops, that many of our guests have described as transformational. All sorts of people take them for the opportunity to have the experience to learn under renown accomplished professionals; the offer a couple of hundred one-week workshops and master classes. After 1996 they became Rockport College, and now offer a Master of Fine Arts degree program and one year Professional Certificate programs. This is a wonderful place to take such a workshop, which are attended by professionals as well as serious amateurs. If you enjoy film making or photography as a hobby, and have always wanted to see where you could take it, or just stretch yourself a little while on vacation and get in touch with your inner artist, in this magical place Camden Maine, this could be the experience of a lifetime for you. The Windward House offers lodging for students attending The Maine Media Workshops.

  • Cost: $$$-$$$$
  • Location: Rockport Maine, 2 miles from the Camden Windward House B&B
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