I start today’s blog with this great quote from a guest from Sweden. This couple has traveled to the US several times, but this was their first time in Maine. She told me she thought the area was so green and being near the ocean made this area the Lung of America. I had never thought of our little oasis as a lung but what a great reference. Jesse and I moved to Maine because we have 3 small children and we want to give them a healthy environment up bringing. Jes and I grew up in Staten Island, the home of Americas largest garbage dump. If anyone needed some new air it was me and Jes. Staten Island was a great place to grow up, and now the dump is closed, but nothing beats the fresh air of trees & Ocean.

The Summer has started and the gardens are bloom. Since we stopped using pesticides in the garden we have been host to several bird families. We currently have 2 nests with eggs. The mama Robins can be seen pulling the worms out the ground all day long. Jesse planted canadian roses this year. I am so proud of him for making this native choice. I keep trying to get him to plant potatoes, Maine is know for its potatoes – in case you didnt know (just ask Homer Simpson – he wore a t-shirt saying Maine Potatoes on the famous, long running Simpson’s show), but Jes insists on planting Tomatoes, being Italian and all, he thinks he can grow the best tomatoes, even if he is in MAINE.

The boats are going out, the hiking trails are open and the kayak guides are all anxious to paddle to curtis island with guests. A new addition to the area is the Megunticook Rowing. Life is good in Maine.

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