Understanding the OTA’s is key to revenue management and revenue marketing.

It is essential to have your lodging marketing strategy include a revenue marketing component. Revenue marketing is the process of looking at where the revenue is coming from, how to funnel the marketing to generate revenue and how to make the revenue sustainable, consistent and predictable. Online travel agents have developed sophisticated extranet portals for lodgings to use. If a property utilizes the technology in the portal, revenue can be increased. Reviewing and adjusting items in the portal daily can put your lodging at the top of the pack when travelers are searching. Your properties presentation on a travel agent can be optimized and scored. Achieving a high score has many steps. We at SuiteRev have a clear understanding of what the OTA’s are looking for and can set your extranet settings accordingly. In addition to managing the details of what the OTA is looking for, SuiteRev will monitor and adjust your settings to position your property in front of thousands of travelers eyes.

Management of an OTA also includes the follow-through of an OTA reservation to the commission invoice. SuiteRev will do a careful and complete review of your OTA commission invoice. Don’t get stuck paying a commission on no-shows or guests that negotiate a cheaper rate. Make sure all involved in the reservation – guest, OTA and you – have price agreed upon.

SuiteRev’s OTA Management Package includes:

  • Review of your Quality Score and Content Score in Expedia
  • Adjustments of items in extranet to achieve the highest competitive score
  • Advise or assist in the communication of guests through the portal
  • Dynamic pricing adjustments twice a week in Expedia
  • Management of Promotions twice a week.
  • Audit the monthly commission report from Expedia

This service can be purchased for a 1-time monthly fee or as a yearly subscription 

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