More and more travelers, couples, individual women and men, retirees, families are looking for vacations where they can do more than ride the rides, they want an experience that expands them as persons. For these people a personal challenge in the form of acquiring a new skill, developing an innate talent, overcoming a fear, or just learning a little about a wonderful place or an artistic tradition enhances the other vacation activities of doing nothing, eating good food, and laughing with friends and family. We call this personal growth travel, and the Camden Maine area is the perfect personal growth travel destination. From furniture craftsmanship, to crewing on a schooner, from a photographic or film making workshop to touring a local cheese factory, farms, crafts, ship building, wooden boat building, wine making, rock climbing, hiking, sailing, camping, fishing, yoga, all of these activities which qualify as personal growth activities are right here. Camden is not just a really great little New England fishing village, it is a place full of learning opportunities. So not only do we have world class gourmet cuisine from local farms and fresh seafood, galleries, museums, world class music festivals, arts and entertainment, but an environment is the perfect destination for travelers who wish to use their time away to learn, achieve, develop the self, enjoy nature, escape from the pressures of ordinary life, indulge in a little physical activity, build a relationship, where you can come and stay, and leave a bigger person….. That’s what being a personal growth travel destination is all about, that’s what Camden is all about. If you have questions about opportunities in Camden, please give me a call. Kristi 207-236-9656.

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