breakwaterActive light completed in 1902, locate at the end of the 7/8 mile long breakwater in Rockland Harbor. Visitors can walk out to the lighthouse. To reach the shore end of the breakwater, go south on US Rout 1 into Rockland. About 1/2 mile south of Walmart, turn left on Waldo Avenue.  (Look for the Littlefield Memorial Baptist Church and Samoset signs.) After passing the church, bear right on Warrenton Road., then right again on Samoset Road. Follow this to the end at a small park & parking lot. Take care on the preakwater especially on windy days and high tide.

I personally like this the Rockland Breakwater Light house because during the months of July and August you can see the lobstermen pulling their traps. The harbor is a working harbor.

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