We love Mr. Wat’s Restaurant. Mr. Wat’s is our fall back place when we do not feel like cooking. Mr. Wat’s has a delightful menu of maki rolls, noodle dishes and thai dishes. The place is clean and friendly. The location is outside town in nearby Rockport. Although this restaurant is on Rt. 1, you never hear any outside traffic. It is quiet and fun. The staff seem to be on a learning curve with the menu, so please be patient. This is a laid back atmosphere. If you are looking for fine dining look somewhere else. The food here is great and the wait is worth it.  I sometimes recommend vegetarians that eat fish to go to this restaurant. There are some tofu dishes on the menu. 106 Commercial Street Rockport Maine. Lots of locals go here because the price is right, the location is out of the downtown and it is good.



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