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01. License and Legal

Before you open the door – you need to have a license and a corporate identity. Let us help you navigate all the important paperwork

02. Set Up Systems

Property Management System, Payment processing, Payroll, Booking System, GDS, OTA, Housekeeping, Menu planning, Marketing

03. Co-Innkeeping & Co-Host

Why go this alone? Need someone to take care of auditing the travel agents? Need someone to take over social Media? Need someone to step in as Innkeeper because of an emergency?

What We Do

Congratulations, you have secured a revenue-generating property.

Keywords here are Revenue generating. If you start your lodging business off on the right foot, you will generate revenue. SuiteRev is here is help you navigate the early on obstacles of setting your business up right from the beginning. We have services for the veteran innkeeper/host and the newbie.

I will be happy to sit down with you and have a discussion about your properties goals and needs. The initial visit is free for a consult regarding new business or business take-over. After the initial visit, I will provide a checklist of items that can benefit your business with quotes. If your business is new or you are taking over an existing business, I will work with you for 10 hours at a reasonable rate to determine day to day and strategies going forward. In these 10 hours, we will determine what systems need to be created. I will present the options to you to do on your own or to hire me to assist or execute.

If you are a veteran innkeeper and just need the legal business details taken care of, we have legal in service to us that can set up your LLC, Partnership or S-Corp. Annual company reports and assistance with licensing is also available.

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