The most beautiful walk in the world according to Yankee magazine – 2008.

Even though it is 2013 – this walk has not changed a bit since 2008 – for that matter since 1890.  The houses are beautiful and it is like you are walking back in time.

Start on Rt 1 turn left on Pascal (across from 3 Dog Cafe). Many beautiful old historic homes that have their original charm line the street.  You will go over a little bridge that overlooks stunning Rockport Harbor. Stay to your right and follow the road, pascal turns into Russell Avenue. You will pass the new Salt Water Farm restaurant, Shepard’s Pie, Rockport Opera House, Bay Chamber Concerts and the Center for Maine Contemporary Art. Along Russell Avenue you will enjoy views of Aldermere Farm, possibly see a Belted Galloway grazing in the field. Russell Avenue turns into Bayview Street, back into Camden Maine. Before you hit the wonderful downtown of Camden, enjoy the view of the nearby island, Curtis Island, at the town owned overlook – Lighthouse Look Out (Look for the sign).

The whole thing is only about 2 miles.

Have fun. Camden Maine Innkeeper will provide you with a map of fun walking tours upon arrival if you like.

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