As recently reported in the New York Times coffee travel article, the Midcoast of Maine is a haven for those who really enjoy a good cup of coffee.  But where to get the best Coffee in Camden Maine? Three of the independent gourmet coffee roasters mentioned in the Times’ article are within short drive of downtown Camden. But Camden village is also a great place to enjoy well-brewed coffee.

People who love coffee sometimes forget that not everyone is into coffee. How should that matter? Well if the person serving you coffee doesn’t really like it the results are hit or miss. Have you ever been on vacation and started your day with no coffee? Or worse yet, a bad unsatisfying cup of coffee?When you walk into a place or book an inn room is the coffee going to be the right temperature? Is it going to be in the optimal size and shape cup? Will they have all the things you use or don’t use in your coffee? Will they even care when it was roasted? Where? and how long ago? Why take a chance? The places on this list are the kinds of places that people who really enjoy coffee can go and not be disappointed. It’s a small thing, but it’s important. All of these places are small local independent businesses.

Where to Get the Best Coffee in Camden Maine

Coffee, Best Sellers, Bright Beautiful Magazines with A Kids Section The Owl and Turtle Book Shop

The Owl and the Turtle Book Shop on Bayview Street has a lovely cafe. You can enjoy a book or a glossy magazine among the company of coffee and reading aficionados. They use a pourthrough method, and have all the necessary accouterments for steaming etc. Sticky buns and other coffee appropriate confections are available. The conversation is always nice and if you have very small children its perfect.  A nook of warm wooden tables, gallery windows, and a loft full of more books provide plenty of atmosphere. They have a small play area so mom and or dad can enjoy their coffee while the kids read or play blocks on a colorful carpet.

Artsy and People Watching Zoots Coffee Shop

Where to Get the Best Coffee in Camden Maine downtown

Find Coffee in Camden Village

Zoots is a small local family owned European style cafe across from the village green in Camden. This hip cafe is the right combination of ambiance, style and great coffee. Prior to the dawning of the device-age it was what you might call a Macbook cafe. Typically the art is gallery quality and local. The coffee is fantastic, but also they offer a really amazing selection of teas. While coffee is what I’m after here, I also love tea at the right time of day. Delicious baked goodies and snacks  are also sold. The large picture windows and deuce cafe tables are the perfect place to plan your next move while doing a little people-watching among the art.

Unsurpassed View,  Delicious Home-Baking, Camden Deli

waterfall below where to get the best cup of coffee in camden maine

Camden Deli Waterfall

The Camden Harbor has been named one of the top ten prettiest harbors in the world. There is a lovely waterfall from an old mill sluice that runs right under the Camden Deli. Even if the coffee weren’t great the Deli would still be a place not to miss. But as it is you’re in luck. The coffee is great and so is the view. The Camden Deli features the best of Rock City coffee with a view that’s simply amazing. The friendly service and delicious food complement some of the best coffee on the Midcoast. Sip your coffee above the glassy surface of the waterfall that reflects puffy clouds, windjammers, and Camden harbor. One of their best features is the baking. They do all their own baking on premises fresh every day. You can see the elves in the second story window at work. The squares in all their fantastically delicious varieties are the perfect accompaniment to their coffee.

Fair Trade Coffee in Bed, An Inn That Takes Coffee Seriously: B&B With Gourmet Fair Trade Coffee

Windward House Bed & Breakfast, or Windward Inn on High Street, is a hotel that takes coffee seriously. The Windward morning experience could be more aptly described as a local coffee-breakfast fetish than a mere B&B. You won’t find something ground and put in a metal can at the supermarket here. Shade grown small batch roasted fair trade organic coffee for Windward’s guests.  They put it on at 7am and keep it going for what is the longest breakfast period of any B&B in town. They supply steaming insulated pitchers for guests

best inn for free trade coffee in camden maine

Windward Inn on High Street, best coffee Inn

to bring back to their comfy spacious rooms. There’s none of that take a number or assigned breakfast times nonsense. A relaxed comfortable atmosphere is the perfect accompaniment to a good hot cup of coffee. With a full menu breakfast featuring local and organic food, this is a unique Camden favorite.

Camden Maine is a great destination for coffee.


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