Logo of Camden Snow Bowl

Logo of Camden Snow Bowl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you coming to the Maine Coast to Ski this winter? Camden Maine has been wicked cold lately. Temperatures are staying below 20 degrees and the wind has been fierce. The Camden Snow Bowl has been making snow and is expected to open December 20th. Truth be told, I love to ski here in Camden, but if your not dressed right, it can be the worse experience you ever had. The Camden Snow Bowl is near the sea and the wind and cold from the ocean creates a cold that gets into your bones. But, if you are prepared, you can enjoy the views and the skiing all day long.

A baby wearing many items of winter clothing: ...

A baby wearing many items of winter clothing: headband, cap, fur-lined coat, wool neckscarf and sweater. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clothing Matters.

Dressing appropriately for being outside in the cold is the smartest thing you can do. I laughed once when someone said that Mainer’s do not have a sense of style. But I tend to disagree with that statement. Mainer’s know how to dress for their environment. Layer upon layer of wool and polyester keep hard core Mainers warm. It is important to stay dry when outdoors with winter clothing. If you layer too much and begin to sweat, you will instantly feel cold. Wool and Polyesters are fibers that keep moisture out and warm air in. Silk is also a natural water repellent, but definitely not as warm. Do not wear cotton. Cotton absorbs the water and keeps it near your skin. Ryon and Nylon are other fabrics that are no good for winter clothing. Check out the great ski equipment  and winter gear on the Best Places to Stay in Maine website.

Snacks Are Good.

Have a good breakfast and always carry snacks in your pockets. Granola bars, nuts or a Payday candy bar are some of my favorites. My kids love fruit leathers and Clif Bars. It is advisable to keep these snacks in chest pockets. When you are on the ski lift, it is harder to maneuver into your pants pockets.

The food bar at the Camden Snow Bowl is catered from French and Brawn. French and Brawn does a great job providing some healthy options, but they definitely have an abundance of unhealthy choices. The kids gravitate to the gooey unhealthy food, so make sure you put some healthy options in their pockets before they leave the house.

Clif Bar


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